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5 pounds 2004 Great Britain Mallard - The record breaker

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Handpainted Commemorative Gold coin cover

100 limited edition

Mallard took her carriages through Grantham station at just 24mph because of permanent way work, and then accelerated to almost 60mph over the next two and a half miles up a rising gradient of 1 in 200, eventually reaching almost 75mph over the next mile-and-a-half to Stoke summit, again over a further stretch at 1 in 200. Descending Stoke Bank, the speed rose to 116mph, and then to 119mph, and then crossed the 120mph mark where it stayed for the next three miles, reaching a maximum of 126mph. The locomotive maintained a speed of between 123mph and 126mph for nearly two miles. The record-breaking run was then curtailed as the opportunity was taken to conduct a brake test from such a high speed and the train was approaching the curve at Essendine, which also included several sets of points, and it was thought unwise to take these at such a high speed.

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