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Start Up

Start Up

  It was a big decision for me to set up a website including coins and collectables. As we grow up we always learn and getting wiser about life, and know ourselves better. For me , coins are my main hobby for the last 5 years and I have learnt a lot and still there are more to learn out there about grading , rareness , prices , auctions etc .

At svcollector.com you will find British coins of any kind, especially gold sovereigns for sale.

Also you will notice world coins and bullion coins. The most important thing in our job is to invest in human relationships so we can deal with customers in a long period time. Trust and keeping our word must be our main target.


Investing in gold coins

Due to economic crisis here in Greece and all over the world, people being unsure about the future and tend to invest in stocks , houses , currency etc. There is also a safer way to invest and make profit such as buying gold or collecting rare coins with high premium

Gold or silver

When you invest in gold or silver, you follow the easy way. You keep looking every day the spot price so you can check your lose or profit.

Collecting coins

When you invest in collecting coins, you follow the hard way but you don’t have the anxiety of gold upside down. If you make the right choices you can establish a profit from premium coins less than 5 years.


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